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ReBorn in Nashville

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

So I packed my bags and headed south. I was born in Chicago on Lake Shore Drive on the 9th floor, on the number 9, in 1999. So I guess you can say 9 is my lucky number. I now live in Nashville. I figured if I wanted to make it in the music business then I had to go where the music really is - and that's Nashville. So I packed up my trusty 1993 Vandura, YUGE, and headed south. (That is after a new AC compressor, drip pan, altenator, wheel bearings, and muffler were installed). Thanks mom and dad! Since my Papaw still lives down that way, it was a fairly easy decision for me to head on down to Nashville. I have been headed that way my entire life to visit family. And since I was born in Chicago, navigating Nashville is pretty easy for me. I'm glad to be here. I think I'm home - Nashville - and I'm glad to be here.

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