Press Interview 

      Amused Now​

                  PSA Blooper

   Flippin Hair for Cameron​​

                   Press Interview

  Pop Blitz Magazine Interview

  McClosky Middle School Loves

              Foghat's Slow Ride

  Unchained Melody Cover

            First Practice

  Enter Sandman Cover


 Rock Fantasy Camp 2012

             MGM Grand

           Las Vegas 2012


              Chicago Music Awards 2013

  Sweet Home Chicago Cover

          Clayton and Bryce

       Ryan Seacrest Studios

                  Amazing Grace Cover

​  Clayton Practices for Chicago Choir 

 Folsom Prison Blues Cover

         Clayton and Bryce

      Ryan Seacrest Studios

Clayton Mann Pintereste

     Clayton Mann - Practicing

          the Blues on Guitar

     Clayton Mann - Recording

         Studio  Blooper Reel

   Clayton Mann - Back In The Day

​     4th Grade - All Summer Long

    / Sweet Home Alabama Cover

           Clayton Mann - Back In The Day

​  4th Grade - Long Way To The Top Cover

   PSA  -  Teen Nation Tour

         Press Interview 

     Teen Nation Tour​

 Gene Simmons & REBELMANN

              Rock Fantasy Camp

                  Las Vegas 2012

    Sweet Child 'O Mine Cover

   w/ Hadley String Orchestra       

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     REBELMANN - PSA Blooper

                 Flippin Hair 

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 Kip Winger intros Clayton Mann

 Rock Fantasy Camp MGM Grand

​                             Freebird

  Clayton attempting lead guitar  

  Highwayman Cover