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     Clayton Mann - Recording

         Studio  Blooper Reel

   Clayton Mann - Back In The Day

​     4th Grade - All Summer Long

    / Sweet Home Alabama Cover

  Unchained Melody Cover

            First Practice

  Highwayman Cover


​                             Freebird

  Clayton attempting lead guitar  

  Sweet Home Chicago Cover

          Clayton and Bryce

       Ryan Seacrest Studios

                  Amazing Grace Cover

​  Clayton Practices for Chicago Choir 

 Folsom Prison Blues Cover

         Clayton and Bryce

      Ryan Seacrest Studios

Clayton Mann Pintereste

     Press Interview 

      Amused Now​

                  PSA Blooper

   Flippin Hair for Cameron​​

         Press Interview 

     Teen Nation Tour​

    Sweet Child 'O Mine Cover

   w/ Hadley String Orchestra       


              Chicago Music Awards 2013

 Gene Simmons & REBELMANN

              Rock Fantasy Camp

                  Las Vegas 2012


     Clayton Mann - Practicing

          the Blues on Guitar

                   Press Interview

  Pop Blitz Magazine Interview

   PSA  -  Teen Nation Tour

  Enter Sandman Cover


 Rock Fantasy Camp 2012

             MGM Grand

           Las Vegas 2012

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           Clayton Mann - Back In The Day

​  4th Grade - Long Way To The Top Cover

  McClosky Middle School Loves

              Foghat's Slow Ride

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     REBELMANN - PSA Blooper

                 Flippin Hair 

 Kip Winger intros Clayton Mann

 Rock Fantasy Camp MGM Grand