Clayton  Mann

Clayton featured with Gene Simmons in all 

Southwest Airlines Magazines for

Rock Fantasy Camp, Las Vegas, 2015.

Clayton has always boasted a powerful, gregarious voice and presence.  

 Would you ever believe a headline to read like this?

Clayton Mann,  17 years, has a powerful voice that belies his age.  Clayton entered the world in Chicago on lucky number 9/9/99.

Since birth, Clayton has been surrounded by music.  His father was born in Las Vegas.   His paternal grandmother was an accomplished soprano singer, and his maternal grandparents were wildly into music, dance, and all things Elvis.  With encourangement from his Papaw Doc, Clayton began singing Elvis tunes by the age of 3. Bit by the entertainment bug at a very early age, Clayton would have his older sister upload Elvis songs onto his IPod shuffle. Privately in his bedroom, Clayton would hone his tender entertainment skills by rehearsing the iconic singer’s tune, “Hound Dog.” Then, with his NASCAR IPod pillow neatly placed around his neck, Clayton would appear and entertain his family with his best musical Elvis impersonations.

​Clayton Mann, 15, fronts REBELMANN® with a powerful voice that belies his age.  Clayton entered the world on lucky  9/9/99.  Since birth, Clayton has been surrounded by music. His father was born in Las Vegas. His paternal grandmother was an accomplished soprano singer, and his

​​​I started performing live when I was 10-years-old.

                           I have never looked back.

Clayton's 411


Die-hard  Chicago CUBS fan - 2016 Word Champs!

NASCAR / Chase Elliott enthusiast.

  INDY Racing fan.  

Golf  Caddy / Hole-In-One Club / Novice Golfer.  

BBQ Rib Smoker.  

 Top 10-Percenter at Bass-Pro-Shops.


Elvis Presley.  Johnny Cash.  B.B. King.  Billy Gibbons.


Dialect Voiceovers.

I was born on 9/9/99.... so 9 is my Lucky Number.


On The Road

​​​​​​Awards & Recognition

​The Recording Academy
Member:  August 2013

Chicago Music Award 

Most Talented Teens 2012

Chicago Hard Rock Battle of the Bands

2nd Place 2012 ... on a 3 AM coin toss

Best of the Midwest Battle of the Bands

3rd Place 2012


Clayton is also able to project his voice beyond the stage; he is able to do voice-overs of many cultural dialects in the Americana form.  Clayton is also physically entertaining with a quick wit and wild sense of humor.  He is famously happy and popular with his peers,  as his outlook is always near jovial,  matching his verbose and robust personality.  
At the age of 10, and barely into 5th grade, Clayton began to exercise his musical prowess upon his parents. Inspired by the rock band KISS, Clayton walked to the library,  at his own volition,  and checked out the book,  “KISS-Behind the Mask.”  That same year,  he stated in his year book, that he wanted to be a “band and a brand,” and began guitar lessons.  He also plays bass guitar and cello.  The book became extremely censored reading of minimal paragraphs with multiple pages being skipped, but nonetheless,  Clayton understood  he wanted to be    . . . . . THE band!                

    Then there was REBELMANN®